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Edge Parkour | Parkour & Freerunning Classes and Performance Team in Traverse City, Northern Michigan
The World is Our Playground
Movement evolved.
Getting Started

How to do Parkour and Freerunning: FAQ, Tutorials, Training, and More:

How do you get started in parkour and freerunning? Glad you asked! First, a fair warning. Parkour training is addictive. It might just take over your life. Smile And the side effects of parkour training may include: Health, Strength, Agility, Balance, Improved Problem Solving, Increased World Travel, Decreased Conformity to the Status Quo, Positive Group of Friends, and a strange obsession with shoes.

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~Should there be competition in Parkour?
~What got you in to Parkour?
~How do you learn flips without a gym?
~What are some good exercises to strengthen my arms?
~How do you train your “air awareness”?

Discuss training, ideas, and more with other traceurs on the forum…

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